Sports talk radio has fallen, hard. The last few years or so, with EEI shaking things up. Idk what the direction is with them but, there's a reason I don't tune in anymore. Shame, Mut and Merloni was my jam back in the day. Planet Mikey, I had a 10 minute phone call one night, John Ryder. Now, you have to search and do some digging to find the people you want to listen too, and the accessibility imo, isn't there. Tiki was embarrassing, like, c'mon man. lol.

Red Sox, are just, idk. Pivetta doesn't have the best stats, but you know what, he's healthy! I like him a lot. Ya gotta feel for Sale, at least he recognizes his shortcomings and you feel like he really tries to compete at his highest level, a complete mirror image of another player who is constantly hurt and doesn't appear to care about it.

as far as my bets lately, swinging and missing but hey, things are looking PURDY good for me

take care

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I am also looking forward to seeing the Fanatics/Caesar's NFL Live Stream ! Curious to see how the picture looks on my phone/computer. Hopefully the rain ends by Saturday afternoon...I too, will be attending my grandson's flag football games !!

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