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MutStack Preakness Stakes Podcast

MutStack Preakness Stakes Podcast

Should we play against the Derby winner Mage in the Preakness?

This is not a great Preakness. At least on paper.

Just one horse from the Kentucky Derby runs back two weeks later - that’s the Derby winner Mage.

But - this podcast has three handicappers all trying to beat him on the win end.

Thanks to Jessica Paquette and Dick Jerardi for joining me for the 2023 Preakness Podcast. We talk over Preakness 148, the races that make up the Late Pick 5 Saturday at Pimlico and then some “state of racing” at the end.

If you hadn’t heard it’s been a bad few weeks for the sport.

It was the first attempt at a “roundtable” style show for the Triple Crown. But I had a blast and hope we do it again for the Belmont.

More on the race Friday morning in the Friday Four-Pack. Then final thoughts Saturday morning.

If you’re racing fan - I hope you’ll consider sharing with other racing fans.


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